Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gatorade Free @ Bashas'

Bashas' has Gatorade Prime and Gatorade Recover on sale for $10 for $10 this week!  Combine that with the coupon found in isle or on display and get it for F R E E !!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stayfree for around $1 @ Wag's

I have been all over this deal at Wags this week!  However I have had some difficulty with two stores that refused to follow their own policy when using my mfg coupon.  I hope this will help you in getting in on the deal with no problems whatsoever!
This week at Walgreens they have in their store ad a coupon that will take $3 off each package of Stayfree.  Combine this with this past weekends BOGO coupons and you can walk away paying around $1.60+ tax for both!!  
That my girlfriends is a GREAT Deal!!!
When you are at the store hand over the Mfg BOGO Free coupon first.  Once the cashier has entered the allowed $6 amount into the register hand over the Store Ad coupon that will take off an addition $6!!
Your total pending on the regular price will be approximately $1.60 + tax TOTAL!!
Tip:  Always use Mfg Coupons 1st!!  Then use Store Coupons!!