Friday, January 29, 2010

And Again....Kroger's


4 Capri Sun $1.49 wyb 10
3 GoldFish Crackers $0.88 wyb 10
4 Sobe Lifewater $0.49 wyb 10
1 Tyson Chicken Nugget $3.99 wyb 10
2 LaVictoria Salsa $1.99 wyb 10
4 Kraft Natural Cheese $1.49 wyb 10 
1 Velveeta Loaf $3.79 wyb 10
1 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Sticks $0.99 wyb 10

Coupons Used:
2 $5 Off Mega Event (Automatically)
1 $1 Off I Can't Believe It's Not Butter  (V 11/15)
My store triples $0.50, so it worked out to $3 off 2!

*Could have been $4/2  Read below!!! **

Also, cashier took off $1.49 for the Sobe Lifewater coupon in this transaction. YMMV

OOP $15.42   73% Saved

**I didn't do it right the first time.  I just now followed the instructions and was able to get the $4/2 coupon!   I hit the back button then refresh button 6x's for a total of 6 coupons!  
Free Filler!!!!
Special Thanks to DealSeekingMom for the great information!


Ohhhhh I am having so much fun at Kroger's this week!  

4 Sobe Lifewater $0.99 wyb 10  
2 Goldfish $0.88 wyb 10
4 Kraft Natural Cheese $1.99 wyb 10

Coupons Used:
$5 off Mega Event for buying 10 Participating Items
B1G1 Sobe $0.99

$5.70 OOP  76% Savings


Kroger Buy 10 Get $5 Off Deal

Kroger's is running a deal this week if you buy 10 participating items you will get $5 off your bill automatically.  I did a quick run and amazingly they had everything I needed on my list in stock.
Here is what I got:

2 Finish Dishwasher Detergent $2.99 wyb 10
2 Tombstone Pizza's $2.49 wyb 10
4 Kraft Cheeses $1.49 wyb 10
2 New York Frozen Bread $1.99 wyb 10
1 Gallon Kroger Milk $2.29
2 Purell Hand Sanitizer Clearance Price $1.29

Coupons Used:
Mega Sale Event $5 off automatically
2 $2.50 Finish SS1/3
2 $1/2 Kraft IP
2 $1 New York Bread from Magazines
1 $1/2 Tombstone found on Pizza's at Meijer's

OOP $15.09  Saved 65%

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homemade After-Shower Spray

Clearance!!! Clearance!!! Clearance!!! Clearance!!!

This was too good of a deal for me to pass up.  Since I started making my own after-shower spray, I usually look for a deal on the ingredients.  Since one of them is Rubbing Alcohol, I had to stock up at this low price.  I got 4 2pks for the price 1 2pk!!!  Normal price for this twin pack is $2.99 and I snagged each package up for $0.75 each.  I had two people ask curiously 'why' I need all of the alcohol.  I never thought it was weird, since I had a purpose for them.  After I told them of course, they were quite impressed.  I was unable to share the recipe with them, however I will share it with you!

Homemade After-Shower Spray
1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 cup Rubbing Alcohol
2 tsp Jet Dry Rinse
6 Drops Liquid Dish Soap
Mix together and put in a spray bottle.  Fill with water.
To Use: After shower, spray around the top of the shower and doors.

Special Thanks to Precious for sharing this recipe!

CVS 100% Bonus Packs of Pain Reliever

While at CVS waiting on a prescription for DS's tonsillitis, I had time to hunt out a few deals.  I decided that since I was there I should stock up on CVS brand Tylenol and CVS brand Motrin.  I had one of each in my hand when I happened to look down, way down on an end cap near the pharmacy and found these babies hiding.  I'm not sure why they were on the bottom shelf but I was glad to make the find.  

CVS 100% Bonus pack Pain Relief  $4.99
CVS 100% Bonus pack IBuprofen $5.99
(I didn't notice the price difference until I got home, I will check the next time I'm there)

I like to have at least one of each, unopened, on hand for when a fever strikes.  These do not expire until 2011.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FREE Freezer Bag - From Sam's Club and Skinny Cow


This freebie deal will go fast! Click HERE and fill out the form.
You do not need a Sam's membership in order to receive.

FREE Valentine's Day Photo Cards

Thanks to FrugalRIMama here is a deal where you can get 29 FREE Photo Cards plus FREE shipping from SeeHere.
  1. Open a NEW account (if you have ordered from them before you must use a different email address).
  2. Pick a 4 x 8 card and personalize it any way you’d like.
  3. Add 25 cards to your cart.
  4. Use coupon code newbaby and you’ll receive 29 FREE 4 x 8 cards plus FREE Shipping too! 
 I did a similar deal for Christmas cards, they turned out really nice and were easy to do.  I received them within 3 days.  The coupon code went fast in December, so if you are thinking about doing this, do it now.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spending EB's for High Priced Items


Since I finished doing the Pepsi Soda deal last week on DH CVS card I still had $10 to roll.  I wanted to spend it before the $5 off $20 CVS coupon expired on Saturday so DH told me that he was in need of Black Ink for his printer he uses for work.  

Here is how it worked:
HP Ink $26.99
Coupons Used: 
CVS $5 Off $20 Purchase
$10  EB from Pepsi Deal
Total OOP $13.53  

I was really happy the way this worked out.  Especially since it was a needed item that would have been purchased anyway.  We used FREE CVS money to pay for more than 1/2 of the item.   I love when a purchase works out this way!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walgreens Snack Deal

I think this was a pretty good run considering I didn't plan on doing the deal in the first place.  It worked out like this:

4 Doritos
2 Tostitos
2 Jars Tostitos Cheese Salsa
Total: $20

Coupons Used:
RR $3 from Neosporin Lip treatment
RR $3 from Neosporin Lip treatment
OOP Total: $14.00  Got back $10 RR!!!

I know I could have done better - but over all it's a pretty decent deal considering I got all that for $4 since they paid me $10 RR.

Friday, January 22, 2010

CVS Pepsi Deal


Today I started the soda deal on DH card. I will finish this deal up before Saturday night. I will then roll the EB fast since juggling two cards is a challenge for me. On deals like this though, it is worth the extra amount of effort.

6 Cherry Pepsi $20

Coupon Used:
$5 off $20 CVS Coupon
Scanned Green Bag Tag

OOP $16.05 Got back $10 EB

A Few Good Deals Today


2 Skippy Peanut Butter 2/$3
1 Neosporin Daily Lip Health $4
1 Neosporin Overnight Lip Health $4

Coupons Used:
2 $1 RR's (One expired on the 18th but she said if it scans she will take it! Never hurts to ask!)
2 $3 Off Coupon Neosporin Lip Treatment

OOP $3.56 and received $3 RR from Neosporin


1 Brita 6 Cup Pitcher $12.99 (There was a $3 off coupon attached to some)
1 3pk Filters $12.99 (There was a $5 off coupon attached to some)

Coupon Used:
2 $5.00 Off Brita Pitcher or Filters

OOP $17.80 67% Saved

Thursday, January 21, 2010

$7.99 Brita Pitcher at Kroger/Frys

This week at Kroger/Fry's the Brita Pitcher and/or 3 pk Filter is priced $12.99. Complete the FilterForGood form and print a coupon for $5.00 off. Hit the back button to print another. Limit 2 per computer/sign up.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My First Post - CVS Pepsi Deal

Wow, if I could I would be in and out of CVS all day, every day this week doing this deal. It is an awesome deal if you like Pepsi products. Although you can mix and match other items, I chose to stay with the soda since it seems to disappear fast in our house. I will also be doing this on my DH CVS card, that he doesn't even know he has, even though the oop will be higher than it was on my totals. Here is how my deal brakes down:

Transaction 1:
6 12pks Pepsi Soda
= $20+ tax

- $5 off $20 CVS Coupon
- $7.00 EBs

Total OOP $8.00 + tax
Get Back $10 EB

Transaction 2:
6 12pks Pepsi Soda
= $20+tax

-$4 off $20 CVS email coupon
-$10 EB from Transaction 1

Total OOP $6.00+tax
Get Back $10 EB

Summary: 12 12pks Pepsi for a total of $13 OOP