Thursday, November 11, 2010

AZ Blog Hop - Bookmans!!!

I know that this subject has been discussed by KC at Desert Deals Diva, that's how I know about this store.  I just want to toss my two-cents in too.  BTW KC, thank you so much for sharing this information!!

I went to Bookmans today.  It's a bit of a cruise from where I live but since my boys had today off for  ---> HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY <---  we decided a road trip would be fun.  I gathered up all my 'FREE' and most recent magazines and set my GPS and away we went.  

The store that we went to in the Valley was located at 19th Avenue and Northern.  It is a very nice and big store.  I received $11 store credit for the magazines that they wanted so the boys and walked around to see what we may want to purchase with our credit.  

They have all kinds of books, music, movies, video games and accessories, comic books, magazines,  and I am sure I am forgetting to mention some things. 

I found two books and the boys found a video game that they quote "have been dieing to have".  Hee hee.  Our total was exactly $11 before tax and we proceeded up to the cashier.  After the items were scanned the cashier rang a bell and said that "I was a winner!!!". 

I must admit, I tossed my arms up in the air and jumped a bit...and thought to myself Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!  ;-)  

The man said that they give away two purchases each day randomly and I was the first one of the day!  Wow!!  Talk about a great first trip to Bookmans!!! 

I know that this store may be old news to some, I just wanted to share my experience about Bookmans so that hopefully others go and enjoy this awesome store too!

Special Thanks to KC for originally sharing Bookmans with us.