Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday's Mega Run = $16.22

I was pretty proud of this Mega Run.  I did 4 separate transactions.    
My Grand Total:  $16.22!!

Here is a breakdown of what I purchased:
15 12pks Coke Products
1 Planters Peanuts
2 Orville Popcorn
2 Swanson Chicken Broth
3 Hallmark Cards
2 Jello's
8 Duracell Batteries
3 Chunky Soups
2 Kraft Mashmellows
2 Dole Mixed Fruit (glass jar)

Coupons used:
5 Food City Coke Coupons 
5 Market Pro Ranch Coke
4 Fresh & Easy $5/$20
Planters Peanuts - Target & Mfg
2 Orville - Safeway Thanksgiving Book
Swanson Broth - Target (?) & Mfg
Hallmark - Auto $2 off at Register for buying 3
Jello - Target & Mfg
8 Duracell $1.50
3 Chunky Soup
Kraft Marshmallow - Target & Tear pad $1/2
2 Dole Mfg

I opted to go through self checkout.  I did two (small) transactions of the food without problems and took them to the car.  I came back in and did the two seperate soda deals.  Since I had an easy time in the self checkout I went there again.  Big mistake!  The cashier decides that I can no longer use the Fresh & Easy $5/$20 coupon.  She goes on to say that it is "one per family".  I politely asked her if I could see the policy.  I read it and re-read it.  It states "yadda, yadda, yadda...one per order".  She said that per order was the same as  per familyWhat?  I explained to her that customers are told that order is the same as transaction.  She decided to "allow" it to go through as if she was doing me a favor.  Whatever.  I'm glad I checked my receipt, she charged me for a "Gift Basket" instead of taking off a Competitor Coupon.  This was a $4 error.  Before I left the store I went up to CS and I was handed $4 without a blink of an eye.