Thursday, January 28, 2010

CVS 100% Bonus Packs of Pain Reliever

While at CVS waiting on a prescription for DS's tonsillitis, I had time to hunt out a few deals.  I decided that since I was there I should stock up on CVS brand Tylenol and CVS brand Motrin.  I had one of each in my hand when I happened to look down, way down on an end cap near the pharmacy and found these babies hiding.  I'm not sure why they were on the bottom shelf but I was glad to make the find.  

CVS 100% Bonus pack Pain Relief  $4.99
CVS 100% Bonus pack IBuprofen $5.99
(I didn't notice the price difference until I got home, I will check the next time I'm there)

I like to have at least one of each, unopened, on hand for when a fever strikes.  These do not expire until 2011.