Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pet ID Bling-Bling on the Cheap

Moving can really be a pain.  Besides the obvious of boxes, packing, unpacking, and such....  the real important stuff  like changing everything over to your new address, new phone number, ordering more (free)  address labels, etc, etc.  ...

One change that should not be overlooked is your K9 or Kitty ID tags.

I went to a local well known pet retailer and my mouth almost hit the floor because they wanted around $10 (and up) for an engraved ID tag.  I decided to wait and I'm so glad I did!

We were in Wally World today and right in the entrance was a Quick Tag Machine.  

It takes Cash or Credit and the best only cost $5!!  There were several sizes and shapes to choose from and you can create up to 4 lines of information on the tags.  In less than 2 minutes our puppy dog has new updated bling-bling in the shape of a dog bone.  

Cheap, cute and very practical!