Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ugh!  The picture was turned correctly before I uploaded it!  Not sure what happened!

Anyway, Safeway has a great price on Cheese!!  The above items cost $5.94 oop and as you can see I got a  catalina for $5!!  Gotta love that!!  I got the cat from purchasing 5 Kraft items.  I used 5 Kraft IP's and got the Deli Deluxe Cheese for $0.99 each!  I got the Mission Tortillas for $0.24 using ecoupon $0.55 and the a $0.55 coupon found in the MDA book found in Safeway.

Here is the link to the cheese coupon.

It will make the shredded cheese $0.25 each!!  That is a great stock-up price and it freezes very well!

Just make sure the cheese has the "Real California Milk" Seal!!