Thursday, September 23, 2010

AZ BlogHop - Rx Gift Card Money

I was talking with my neighbor about my favorite subject

I was telling her that I am saving all my Rx Gift Card Money for Christmas and she didn't understand what I was talking about.  
--->Do you know about Rx Gift Card Money?<----

I'd like to tell you about a great AZ Win-Win when it comes to Coupons and Rx.

Be sure to look in your weekly ads - all of them, but KMart, Target, Safeway, Fry's and CVS seem to be the main players when it comes to Rx coupons.  
The coupon will say something like.... 

"Get a $XX.xx Gift Card for a New and/or Transferred Prescription"
Save these!!  All of them!!  You just never know when you or a friend may need them.
Once you have purchased your New and/or transferred Rx you will hand over your coupon and you will be given the amount stated on a gift card or if at Fry's on your VIP card. 
H'm...You say you have a Rx you can transfer and fill right now...   
Well Guess What? 
You are in LUCK!  
Right now *Fry's is running a promo that you can get up to (4) $25 VIP Adds (money added to your store card) for transferred and filled Rx's until 11/30/2010!!
I hope this was informative and you are able to cash in on some Gift Card Money when you'd be purchasing your Rx anyway!

*Look on page 2, bottom left corner of current Fry's ad for more information.  Fry's will take Rx competitors coupons.